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About Us

(dis)Ability Awareness Network was founded in 2021 after the observation that disability discrimination still exists in many spheres of public (and private ???) life.

(dis)Ability Awareness Network Mission Statement


Our mission objective is as follows:

  • Education – We seek to assist you symptoms in educating the different sectors around living with a disability and the impacts that it can have upon an individual. Furthermore we wish to assist in bridging the divide by offering discussion, tips and resources as to how things like reasonable adjustments can be implemented in corporate, education, Government, and recreational sectors

  • Advocacy – We seek to provide assistance for those who are required to advocate for themselves. We understand that many people with (dis)Abilities can feel disempowered by the system, and seek to support those championing for inclusive

  • Delivery of Quality Training -


Further to the above, our organization operates with the following core values:

  • Equality, Inclusion, and Social Justice – we believe that all people regardless of ability, (dis)Ability, race, religion, education, employment status, sex, gender, etc. are created both unique and as equals. We believe that all people have something to contribute to the wider society and are all uniquely gifted

  • Environmental Respect and Sustainability – we believe that the impacts of the current climate crisis are undeniable and that they need to be taken seriously. We believe that we have a duty to leave this world in a better state for future generations. Where possible we will do our best to make environmentally friendly and sustainable decisions. This begun with the installation of solar panels at our (home ???) office premise, as well as our decision to transition away from paper and printing where possible

  • Safe, Healthy and Flexible workplace – We believe that both physical and mental health are priorities, and that they should not be sacrificed for factors such as productivity and cost. We will do our best to make ensure staff and customers experience feelings of safety, and that they are taking appropriate steps to adopt healthy work practices and lifestyle. We understand that this requires flexibility which we will assist with where possible and practical. Furthermore we understand the many failures of organizations in the past around child safety. We are committed to protecting vulnerable individuals and at all times we will hold valid safety checks (e.g. National Police clearances and will seek to go over and beyond what is required to foster a safe environment for young people. Finally, we will also be establishing our Seeds for Change program in the hopes of educating people on the valuable link between healthy eating and positive physical / mental outcomes

  • Transparency and Accountability – We believe that any organization that is involved in the social justice sphere needs to be both transparent and accountable. In addition to providing a yearly report outlining our efforts and actions (beginning in 2023), we will aim to be held accountable with any failures shortcomings that may arise, believing that we can always learn and improve upon what we do

  • Commitment to Upskilling and Learning – We understand that society is a constantly evolving mechanism, and that new knowledge and understandings about our world are constantly being discovered. One only needs to look at the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to see this change. We will do our best to keep abreast with the latest findings and advances, while at the same time practicing humility and being open to learn - knowing that we can never know it all

  • Work Collaboratively – We believe that society can achieve a far greater positive impact when we work together. While we intend to bring both innovative and creative ideas to the public sphere, we do not see the need to do it alone or to reinvent the wheel. Wherever possible we will work alongside other charities and organizations who share our vision for inclusivity. We will not only provide our voice to the ongoing discussion, but will remain committed to seeking out the views, experience and knowledge of others

  • Dream Big – We believe that world change is possible, whether this be at a micro (local) or macro (world) level. We will be daring and prepared to take steps to seek out social justice, even when it may mean going against the status quo


2022-2023 Business Plan

As part of our efforts to be transparent and accountable, we will be providing updates to our vision. For 2022 to 2023 our aims are as follows:

  • Create and publish free digital resources that promote inclusivity centered around the topic of (dis)Ability – over the past year we have been educating ourselves on new publishing software. We have then been working hard to create freely distributable digital content (e.g. fact downloadable fact sheets, and YouYube lectures). We began with simply sharing positive quotes on our Instagram page, and in the coming weeks new material will be made available on both our website and our YouTube channel

  • Establish our Seeds for Change program – our Seeds for Change program was inspired by the name of an EP produced by reggae and blues musician Guthrie. ( who has worked tirelessly to advocate for the rights for medical cannabis use. We believe that a combination of healthy eating, social belonging, and an active lifestyle are important factors for minimizing both physical and mental health symptoms

  • Commence in-person training seminars and community talks – Over the next year and a half we will be working with local organizations and schools to commence training around (dis)Ability inclusion. We will also be keeping an eye out for opportunities to speak to the local public on these matter


Website footer: D.A.N. acknowledges the Traditional Land Owners and pays our respect to Elders past, present, and emerging.


Podcast Structure

Each podcast will consist of the following:

  • News section – The podcast will begin will a newsworthy (dis)Ability topic. Whilst we will cover legal challenges portrayed in the media from time to time, our hope is to primarily provide uplifting news that inspires listeners (e.g. Microsoft establishing of a Disability Unit and the release of their adaptive products)

  • A focus on one particular (dis)Ability – general information, and then an interview with someone who experiences it

  • An interview with an industry professional

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